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Book Review:Fall to Grace: A revolution of God,Self &Society by Jay Baker (part 1)

"It's a huge deal, this word Abba;this familar language.   It changes everything.In speaking to God this way,Jesus shows us that there is a relationship even more devout than obedience.  He show us that it's possible to know God in an intimate way, that there's a loving exchange  available here.  What could be holier than that?  I love the idea of Abba , because it encapsulates the Fundamental change from law to grace,from judgement to love.  My; friend Brennan Manning wrote an entire book about the Abba concept, called"Abba's child"In it he describes how transformative the Abba-son relationship has beef for him:"The greatest gift I have ever received from Jesus Christ has bee the Abba experience," He writes."My dignity as Abba's child is my most coherent sense of self"  I have taken this from page 74-75 of the book"Fall to Grace: a Revolution of God, Self&Society"  I feel this illustrates the vcery core of God's…