Friday, May 27, 2016

Christian book series : The Promise by Tony Evans

I have decided to kick off my Christian book series with the Promise by Tony Evans.There will be other series such as Books- to-Film,The Last Jihad by Joel c Rosenberg will kick off our Political Thriller series,Sienna st James series starting with Losing Hope by Leslie J.Sherrod and the What I like about  you series where we will look at the Authors we like and/or up and coming.Well back to the Promise by
Tony Evans.This book is about the third person in the Trinity: the holy Spirit. Perhaps I like the idea of having guidance 24/7.However I felt I needed to learn more.
   While Tony Evans may not have the name recognition of a Joel Osteen or TDJakes,I feel like his contribution  to my spiritual growth has been immense.(Check out his book Who is the king of Glory)  I like the Fact that this book is organized and very detailed. A few terms may he over my head a little,He makes up for it by using down to earth analogies. As a Christian I do not want to be mislead by people who either don't have a good understanding or they may play on my Christian beliefs to get what they want. Knowledge in the Word is power.I feel like this book is a step in the right direction of empowering me. The book is divided into 3 Major Sections:
Part One:The Holy Spirit's Presence
Part Two: The Holy Spirit's Purpose
Part Three:The Holy Spirit's Provision.
I am almost done with Part one (117 pages).Since I don't rush through it,just like you wouldn't want to rush through a decent cut of New York strip steak,I will have to come back and give you guys an update.

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