Friday, September 26, 2014

Real Murder:A Lovers in Crime Mystery by Lauren Carr

On occasion I like to take a break from contemporary and world lit to something relaxing and etertaining this book certainly fit the bill for me.  I hadn't read a good mystery in awhile ,and I was a little surprised at how much I missed this genre until I read this book.

    I was very impressed with the plot and the subplot, how both murders, the one from the past and the current tied into each other seamlessly. I liked the Cameron Gates character. Very fiesty, workaholic,determined etc.. She was going to get her suspect even if it meant jumping out of a second floor to do it.(Dont worry the perp broke her fall).  I love it when characters have quirks and flaws that make them relatable. Have I caught crook and locked him up in jail?
Of course not. Have I had to struggle to understand the people in my life or just pray we can get along better? Definitely.Joshua and Cameron are newlyweds trying to pick up the pieces after both being widows for so long.  Cameron doesn't have kids, but Joshua has four and it's always an adjustment bring someone new into your life, and oh yeah got to solve these pesky murders.

    I was a little concerned about the Prolgue. After chapter 2 I could see the benefit from it but this in no way takes away from the story.  NOthing I hate more than a story that just doesn't make sense at the end or just implausible. This is not the case here( no pun intended) I found Ms Carr's writing style to be fresh,complex and rich.  If you like mysteries then I think you will enjoy it as much as I did,I finished within two days and I only do that if I really like a book.  I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Note:I do not recieve money for these reviews.I just really love to read:)

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Autumn carries more gold its pocket than any other season
Jim Bishop

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