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Book Review ""Drown" by Junot Diaz

"Days we spent in the mall or out in the parking lot playing stick ball, but nights were what we waited for. The heat in the apartments was like something heavy that had come inside to die.  Families arranged on their porches,the glow from their t.vs washing blue against the brick.  From my; family apartment you could smell
the pear trees that had been planted years ago, four to a court, probably to save us all from asphyxiation"
This is an excerpt from the short story "Drown".  Thw whole book is a series of short stories told from our boy
Yunior's point of view, from not only  different times in his life but from different  locations. In spite of this
"helter skelter"  approach I was endeared to Yunior even when he was'nt making the best choices for himself.
The stories that stood out for me where"Boyfriend","Fiesta 1980","Negocios.".  Reading this book was like spending time with Homeboy from around the corner that…

Book blog News and Crazy-for-Books

If you would like to post links to your giveaways,book reviews,challenges, memes,etc.... see the post below this one.(Book BLog News)
the question this week  is "Why do you read the genre that you like?What draws you to it? I love reading Adult literature, emphasis on the word literature.  I am not interested in books that are just popular because what is  bestselling isn't always  literary.  I love authors who know how to write a good plot,believable conversations,  and imagery.  The writing should swallow me whole.  I should be burning the meatloaf I am cooking because I can't pull myself away from the story to check on it.  I want to finish the book with the characters  still on my mind   ,even after I have  read the books weeks ago.  I read Christian books mostly to see how other Christians  live and as for mysteries well I just  like to  see the cops catch the bad guy!

Book Blog News :Post links to your giveaways,memes, challenges,etc....

Hello fellow addicts if you are looking for the place to  promote what's going on at your book blog
then you have found the right place!   Tell us about your latest giveaway,book review  how you;what challenges
you are participating in etc... I believe that if people get a broader perspective of what you are doing then
they will be more likely to follow you.  Just a few things.
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3.  If you would like to include awards you have recently won or just book related news
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Book Review Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

Pearl and May chin live the enchanted life any girl in 1937 Shanghai would envy. Their Father
owns a rickshaw business and is considered wealthy in his community.They have a cook, servants  and someone
to tend to the garden.  Even their Mother lives the life of leisure having lunch with friends, playing Mah Jonng.  The girls theselves make money modeling for artists who specialize in Beautiful girls calendars,posters,etcc....
Life is peaceful until  the day they find out about their Father's gambling debt.He has sold them as wives to cover
the money he owes  to the Green Gang.  Shortly after this life altering news, the Japanese have begun invading China.Will they survive the next few days?   Can you find love in an arranged marriage?   Will they adapt to life
in  America?  I found Lisa See's writing to be very meticulous,vivid and infused with imagery.I am not familiar
with her previous work but it definitely  made want to check it out.  Overall I gave this book 5 out of
5 st…