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Book Review:Power to Reinvent Yourself by Jason Frenn

Missionary Evangelist Jason Frenn was born October 24 1966 in Los Angelas;,Calfornia.   In 1991 ,with his wife Cindee moved to Costa Rica,then dedicated the next year learning to speak Spanish.By 1994 during one
of the crusades being held the Lord inspired him to hold open air crusades in Latin America.  Fast forward to
today  where he not only held 53 international crusades,he hos a daily radio program called Radio Nueva Vida that reaches an audience of 500,000 in parts of Oregon,all of California and Northern Mexico.

So how can this book "Power to Reinvent yourself " change your life today?  By recognizing the vital role that
God is any believers life, primarily.  One of the things I appreciated about this book was it's simplicity.  There are 6 chapters .  The two most important being Chapter 5 Choose to Forgive and Chapter 6 Overcome with the Help of Others. You have to have a supportive group of people behind you if you are to make any lasting changes.  The only thin…