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Living with confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr.David Jermiah

Hello everyone stopping by from the book hop!  I believe our question for this Friday is do you wait until  you have finished the book to write the review?Most of the time since I mostly read fiction,I usually wait until I've finished simply becauseif the ending doesn't make sense to me
my opinon of the book will change at this point.  How ever for this particular review since it was nonfiction
and alot of research went into this,I had to take notes as I was reading because I didn't want to forget a point
I'd like to make. For example in Chapter 3 I noticed he took one word from President Obama's inaugural
speech to make his case that Atheist were being embraced in this country.  I noticed that everyone else had
atleast a paragraph taken from there interviews etc....  I am very leary of this because either you are going to represent the facts equally or you're not.  On page 46 in reference to our country he says ,
"We've torn do…

Contest Giveaway :2 copies of Blind Man's Alley By Justin Peacock

2 Lucky winners will win a copy  so here are the rules:

1.You must be a follower to win
2.U.S Residents only
3.Leave your email in the comment section of this post.
4.  If you are randomly choosen as a winner (in this case winners) please
respond within 48 hours. If you dont respond within that time period
I will have to select someone else who made the deadline.

Contest September  28th at midnight

Bending Toward the Sun Review and winner

You may know Leslie Gilbert-Lurie as the producer of Cheers,Family Ties,Saved by the Bell, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air but did you know that her mother is a Holocaust Survivor? How does the Holocaust affect future generations?  What do you do when people deny that the Holocaust even happened?.  In this memoir
someone made the nightmare palatable.  It's always heart rending to witness someone else's pain brought on by Nazi Germany in the 1940's.   What makes this book interesting  is that we get to hear the mother 's perspective and the daughter's.  I feel that we can all learn from this story.  By not letting people forget is the best thing to do silence the naysayers who are depraved enough to suggest it didn't happen.  I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.  I would like to take this time to thank Fsb media for giving me the opportunity to review this book.  I really felt like I learned alot. Congradulations Inspired Kathy you won please email me your address a…