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Living with confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr.David Jermiah

Living with Confidence in a Chaotic WorldHello everyone stopping by from the book hop!  I believe our question for this Friday is do you wait until  you have finished the book to write the review?Most of the time since I mostly read fiction,I usually wait until I've finished simply becauseif the ending doesn't make sense to me
my opinon of the book will change at this point.  How ever for this particular review since it was nonfiction
and alot of research went into this,I had to take notes as I was reading because I didn't want to forget a point
I'd like to make. For example in Chapter 3 I noticed he took one word from President Obama's inaugural
speech to make his case that Atheist were being embraced in this country.  I noticed that everyone else had
atleast a paragraph taken from there interviews etc....  I am very leary of this because either you are going to represent the facts equally or you're not.  On page 46 in reference to our country he says ,
"We've torn down integrity
We've torn down purity
We've torn down honesty
We've torn down respect
We've torn down national pride
We've torn down ideals
We've torn down  sense of shame
We've torn down aspiration
We've torn down everything we began building at the birth of our nation."

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinon,but in this format you need to back this up with facts,especially
if you are going to criticize the moral values of a whole nation! Here's another thing I had a beef with
on page 57 he says"The Cleavers,the Brady Bunch and the Huxtables no longer mirror our complex families."

Hello when were these families ever a "mirror" image of a real life family?  I have yet to meet the woman who
was able to cook and clean in dressy clothes, pearls and high heels.   Where is this couple with all these
stepkids,that doesn't have issues with extended family members or only have problems that can easily be
solved in 20 minutes?  How can a husband who is a doctor and a wife who happens to be a lawyer have all
that free time to be with all 5 kids and still run successful practices?  Even if these families were real none of
them went to church(that I can recall).  The point I am taking so long to get to is this:  Why not use a real
life godly example from the past to show how much the family structure has changed instead of make believe
people ?  The other reason I am spending more time on these points is because there is a team of people
who check these facts so I think I am justifed in expecting facts to go with all statements made.

I did learn alot when it comes to Bible scriptures.He is an awesome gifted teacher of the word of God
because he is organized and structured.  There is nothing haphazard about this guy.  The book asks the following questions:

  • How can we weather the storm with a calm heart?
  • What does it truly mean  to "wait on the Lord"?
  • What is Jesus saying to our chaotic world today?
  • How on earth did we get in this mess?
  • Can we take a broken world and rebuild it into something fruitful?
With the exception of the "how on earth did we get in this mess?" question, I feel like he did
an excellent job of answering these question.  I would like to take this time to thank Thomas Nelson Publishing(Booksneeze) for allowing me the opportunity to read this book.  I do not get paid to do these reviews.  Don't forget to check out my giveaway below this post.  As soon as my button is made I will
bring back the linky lists so stay tuned.


Heather said…
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Emma said…
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bookaddict4real said…
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I apologize for the confusion. As soon as I get it ,I will be linking people up again.
Jan said…
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