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crazy-for-books blog hop

Good morning Every one It's Friday again I found alot of great blogs through the hop
and dont forget to check out my book review below the post!

Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson and RichardDilallo

I got to be honest I love James Patterson but ,I am not usually a fan of the collaborations ( for me  it tends to lose something) This will be the first time in my
adult life I am glad to say I was wrong!We go back in time to Mississippi's
violent past to the early 1900's.  Ben Corbett a Washington D.C. lawyer,who was born and bred in Eudora,Mississippi ,was sent back to his hometown By the president
,Theodore Roosevelt to investigate the lynchings going on in that state.  Now keep in
mind Mrs.Corbett isn't too pleased about the way things are going in the marriage
(and honey when mama ain't happy nobody is happy!)   because he takes on cases from people who can't afford to pay him. So the big question here is will their marriage
survive this trip?  His father is a respected judge in Eudora ,but feels disappointment
about his only son who defends people of color.  Can they make amends on this
trip back?  Abraham Cross (Alex Cross's great uncle ) will be a conta…

Mom liked you best contest giveaway

Deadline to enter is midnight may 5th the winner will be randomly selected from the comment section of this post.

Contest rules
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