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The Swimming Pool by Holly LeCraw

Marcella Atkinson is the beautiful prisoner of her sorrows  her affair with
Cecil McClatchey ended her stable ,but slightly tortured marriage with Anthony
Atkinson.  Cecil McClatchey becomes the suspect of his wife's murder
and dies before he could clear his name. But his son,Jed, wonders if he
really could've cleared it.  Did his Father kill his own Mother?  This story
begins seven years later when Jed stumbles on a women's piece of clothing
that he didn't remember belonging to his Mom.
I got to say up front I am always impressed with authors who can use imagery very
well and she is definitely one of them.  As far as the plot,at first I was a little skeptical
about Jed and Marcella  of them not only bumping into each other again after all
that time(Jed and sisterCallie both live in other states)  and them falling for each other
but as the book progresses I began to wonder how they couldn't be together.
Anthony's character I didn't care for all that much (…

oops My bad: Another contest Giveaway

It seems the hatchet group is going to sponser my next giveaway
"The trial of Alex Cross " by James Patterson
so here
are the contest rules

1. You must be a follower of this blog
2. You dont have to a U.S resident for this one (they will be shipping the book directly to you)
3.  Leave a  comment in this post before April 22nd about how you found out about the contest
    I will randomly select a winner from the comments of this post