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Philosopher by Edna St Vincent Millay

And what are you wanting you I should be kept awake As many nights as there are days With weeping for your sake? And what are you that missing you, As many days crawl I should be listening to the wind And looking at the wall? I know a man that's  a braver man And twenty men as kind And what are you, that you should be The one man in my Mind? Yet women's  ways are witless ways As any sage will tell- And what am I ,that I should love So wisely and so well?

Sienna St.James series:Book one Losing Hope

Leslie January Sherrod has written an Urban Christian Series on Sienna St.James
,who like the author is a social worker.  As a writer,I can see the benefit of writing from your experiences. JOHN Grisham doesn't write about being a flame of dancer or scientist. Why? We readers can tell when something isn't the authors experience. The nuances of the story always give it away (or the lack therof) . By Mrs.Sherrod writing a novel based on the life of a social worker, we get to live vicarously--experience the sense of fulfillment, the frustrations and what's it like for a social worker.  Sienna gets the client that would make any social worker rethink their purpose in life!Hope Diamond  has been placedar in many homes she is bipolar with PTSD. Her boss is putting pressure on Sienna to make it work. The couple who care for Hope are upstanding memberserk at their churc6house. Is her boss blinded by this? Do they have something  to hide? Sienna b seems to think so.Why did this pla…