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The Freshman Survival Guide(Book Review)

0it doesn't have to` If this is your first year of college there is no need to fear The Freshman Survival Guide is here.
No longer do you have to  navigate rocky terrain  each and every chapter has a survival strategy for example
Chapter 1 Survival Strategy #1 Making good friends in college is important but it takes time. Be patient, be smart, and stay connected to your support network- the friends and family who helped you get this far.

Chapter 4  Survival Strategy # 4 Homesickness is a fact of college life ,but it doesn't have to defeat you.  Develop habits and relationships that will help  ward off your longing for homr.  Also through each chapter are real life stories  of actual college students themselves as wellas tips you can find online.  Here's a few other
Cchapters I thought were helpful:

Chapter 8 Real stats and strategies on mental health
Chapter 11 How to be a college student and Time management
Chapter 13 The care and feeding of the college professor
Chapter …