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Don't forget Deadline to win Copy of "Working it Out"April 26th

There is still time to win a copy (I am giving away 2 ) please leave your comment in the
April 15,2011 post.If you are looking for the Nelson Mandela Book Review see the post below this one.

Book Review Nelson Mandela :the Revolutionary years

You may know him as the first South African president to be elected by a fully democratic election in 1994.You may know him as the  leader against the struggle of apartheid of South Africa, but did you know that his father was a chief that lost his title over a money scandal?Or  that his mother,Nosekeni Fanny, was his father's 3rd wife? Did you know that he receieved a british education at the age of 7?  Did you know that as a young adult he ran away to Johannesburg to avoid a prearranged marriage?  That his children from the first marriage blamed Winnie Mandela for the breakup!  Did you know that the African National Congress was fully aware that he would have to be a matry for their cause by being arrested?.  I thought the author owas very detail-oriented,organized and informative.  the question asto why such a small minority of people came into so much power was completely  answered. I was truly impressed ( and I rarely ever say that about a biography.  I would also like to sa…