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Book Review:Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith

I really enjoyed this book.  The first 9 chapters are directed at men trying strengthen  their faith in Christ.

for example:

I Man of Faith Can change His Faith

II A Man of Faith believes the Word of God

Chapter I opens with the prayer of Jabez, chapter II-IX  is based on I Kings 17-18 here we get a close look

at the prophet Elijah, who is a great example of how to have faith even when it doesn't look like you should

given the circumstances.  Of course  in each chapter Pastor Osteen talks about his experiences and testimonies  as a pastor, but there is no greater testimony than to have an adult child that can also testify

to the princples outlined in the book, which is what Joel Osteen did after each chapter include his

commentary about how he remembered things.   There is also a specific chapter (Chapter 12) "What to
to do when nothing seems to work"

I have a 6 year old son I am going to give the book to when he is older.  I am giving the book 5 out of 5 stars

POem by Indian poet John Matthew

Sonnet for Mother by John Matthew Decked in blooms,
Swaddled in gold filigreed shrouds,
Smeared with perfumes,
She traveled into the clouds.

A life of love lived,
A life of more giving than taking,
Living a life of tears shed,
Turnings, and missed crossings.

She lies still beside father,
In an earthen grave dug for her,
On ere visits she knew this sepulcher,
And, with her man, she would rest there.

There is a time when we all connect
And then we all must self-destruct.

Book review :Boy Next door by Irene Sabatini

Lindiwe Bishop is fallinf for Ian McKenzie the proverbial boy next door. Now before you say"So what!"
our story takes place in the eary 1980's Lindiwe is a native Zimbabwean and Ian is a white Zimbabwean .  Zimbabwe has just gotten their independence so racial tensions are high.  If this isn't enough drama for you
how about the fact that they think Ian may have killed his stepmother.  Lindiwe's mother and distant relative
Maphosa are convinced that he did.However  Maphosa is anti white so he is going to think this anyway.  Her
father and her ":cousin" Rosanna are neutral on the subject , but as the story progresses you will discover why they didn't care one way or the other.

My overall impression:

Even though I had some idea that the there would be some violence the way the plot was laid out it
still seem to catch me off guard a little. It's like walking along the street minding your own business while
some weirdo jumps out of the bushes and kno…

Poem : Backside by Chika Sagawa(translated by Sawako Nakayasu)

Night eats color
flower bouqets  lose their fake ornaments
Day fall into the leaves
like sparkling fish
and struggles like the lowly mud,the
shape less dreams dreams and trees
nutured outside this shriveled
deridable despair, and the space that
was chopped down
tickles the weeds there
by it's feet
Fingers stained with tar from cigarettes
caress the writhing darkness
and then people move forward

Book review:Habit of a Foreign Sky by Xu Xi

Gail Szeto is the epitome of  an overworked Chinese executive.  As a global investment banker her job demands constant travel and long relentless hours.Already divorced and just when it seemed she was coming out of the grey veil of despair  that blanketed her sterile , bland existence after the death of her only son Gu
Kwan.  . Then the coup final her mother dies suddenly leaving her with that over indulged half brother Gordie
whom she has only tolerated up until this point.  The title of this book  was taken from a line of an Emily Dickinson poem but even if it wasn't it would still fit perfectly.  Reading this book was like watching an ice skater do a triple jump, I am always impressed and totally awed by their effortless skill and expertise.  Ironically I found myself sympathetic to the Gordie's character because he really tried  almost feverently to keep his relationship going with Gail in spite of her being the product of an affair and her sometimes horrible attitude.  No…

My Arkansas by Maya Angelou

There is a deep brooding
                             in Arkansas
                            Old crimes like moss pend
                           from poplar trees.
                           The sullen earth
                           is much too
                          red for comfort.
                          Sunrise seems to hesitate
                           and in that second
                           lose its
                           incandescent aim,and
                          dusk no more shadows
                           than the noon.
                           The past is brighter yet.

                          Old hates and
                          ante-bellum lace,are rent
                          but not discarded.
                          Today is yet to come
                           in Arkansas.
                           it writhes. It writhes in awful brooding.

Book Review:Grown Folks Business By Victoria Christiopher Murrary

About the Author: I admire the fact that she never gave up that desire
to write not even after she finished at Hampton University, or after
receiving her MBA from New York University.Not even after opening up a financial services agency,managing the #1 division for 9 years did
she give up on her dream to write.  Her first novel "Temptation" was originally self published in 1997 and later picked up by Time Warner in
2000.  Well let's just say it's been on and poppin' since then!That book was on the Essence bestseller's list for 9,count 'em 9,months  straight.NAACP later nominated this book for outstanding literature.

Speaking of accolades: She also received the Golden Pen Award for best Inspirational Fiction and the Phyillis Wheatly Trailblazer Award for being a pioneer in African American  Christian fiction.

About the book:Sheridan Hart is left to pick up the pieces when her husband of 16 years has dumped her for another man.  From the outside looking in…

Poem:Other tongueby Vikas Menon

Elephants sway in my mother's   e nglish
Pleased to meeting you she says
the multiple suffixes of her mother tongue
affix themselves to her meter: Okay-na

In Malayalam,vowels sit like an egg
On tongue Ant to aardvark
Her voice vies against drunkit English
hums with the rhythm of a Mridanangame

In  English, the word Malayalam
reads the same from left to right as right to left-a mirror of contentment
If only other words were so settled.

My mother worries about the pale cluster's
on her mammogram
Breast Cancer is very popular now
Common,I say,not popular
Our other tongue is this silence
A hush,
a blank face
pressed against the glass

Friend Follow and Weekend Blog Hop

I you are stopping by from the Friend Follow or Weekend Blog Hop Welcome  and take a look around. I am hosting a giveaway(see the post below) I post poetry on Mondays. and I love to review the following
genres:Contemporary, and World Literature, Urban Christian, Christian, Suspense ,Memoirs and African-American.  I try to be as diverse as I can I just love to read so I guess eclectic would be an accurate to describe me.  Thanks for visiting me and be sure to leave a comment.

Contest Gieveaway:Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith By John Osteen

I have two copies to give away here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower of this blog to win .
2.U.S and Canada residents may enter.
3. Leave your email address in the comment section of this post by midnight on August 30,2011

I wanted to mention that Joel Osteen also makes his commentary for each chapter so far it's pretty good

The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok

Welcoming Party by Joshua trotter

Is this what I've been traveling toward
dodging rocks and reefs at funeral speed?
I see no dish of milk, no welcoming lips
just the beach-palms outstretched and the abyss
of all I've missed,winking from every bead
on every rain-whetted, wind-brandished blade

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

This is another novel I read for my Outdo Yourself Challenge plus I have to include novels
I feel are in the literary category.     Not to knock anyone else if they like escapist type literature or commerically
successful.  I love books with imagery I guess it's the poet in me.

About the Author:Dr Verghese is the Professor of Theory &Practice of Medicine at Standford University school of Medicine, in addition to being Senior  Associate Chair of the Dept. Of Internal Medicne.  He was born to Indian parents(in 1955) who migrated from India  to a town near  Addis Ababa, Ethopia.
There was alot of political turmoil  in 1973 forcing him and his parents to go to the United States interuppting
his medical studies, he was able to return to Madras Medical College and complete them there.

     He came back to the U S to become an orderly at Boston Medical,in 1980. Here he was to come face to face with HIv epidemic. and later the muse for his forst book.  My own country: A doctor's …

Poem: In Texas Grass by Quincy Troupe

All along the rail
                                road tracks of texas
                               old train cars lay
                               rusted &overturned
                              like new african governments
                             long forgotten by the people
                              who built & rode them
                                till they couldn't run no more,
                              they remind me of old race horses
                             who've been put out to pasture
                            amongst the weeds
                            rain sleet &snow
                            till they die,rot away
                            like photos fading
                           in grandma's picture book,
                         of old black men in mississippi/texas
                         who sit on dilapidated porches,
                        that fall away
                       like dead man'…

The Help by Kathryn Stockett(book review)

I finally got an  chance to  read this book that has been on my To Be Read list since 2010 atleast! I will count this for my Outdo Yourself challenge.  I haven't forgotten about the challeng.  I wanted to
catch up on some of my other obligations first.

  About the contreversy:  I noticed in the back of the book ., the author made a point to mention a maid that
worked for them when she was a little whom she seems fond of, by the name Demetrie, who died when the author was sixteen and was supposed to be the reason for her writing the book.  I also noticed in the August

2011 issue of   Essence magazine, there is a sister by the name of Abelene Cooper who alleges in her lawsuit against the Stockett family (Kathryn Stockett's ;brother hired her to work for his family)  that she worked for them
in 1998, 3 months after her youngest son died from leukemia .  She read the
book and said it brought back alot of bad memories for her, they didn't have permission to use her name, and …

Book Review Angela Sloan by James Whorton , jr

I  have two words for you Awe   some.(Now before you email me to correct my english
I know that's not 2  I love reading a novel that has the intrigue of a mystery or spy book with
more imagery and a good use of plot.Angela Sloan is the daughter of a former CIA agent,Ray Sloan, who
is reenlisted in for just one more assignment.  The job sounds easy but he doesnt want Angela to know about it.

Itturns out that to be the Wategate incident and  boy does the action really pick up here.   I have to say ,after
reading this novel ,I have a newfound respect for anyone who had to work undercover in the 1970's with the CIA!  You had to know your cover story, not only know when someone is following you ,but how to get rid of them, and if you have been found out you have to recall your code word.  Anyone contact you have with
your "coworker" has to be through a crossword puzzle so  you wont be discovered.  I loved this quirky charcter.  I highly recommend that you read …

Contest giveaway:Sex on the Moon By Ben Mezrich

I am giving away 2 copies the rules are as follows:
1. You must be a follower to win
2.Deadline to enter is Tuesday August 14th@ midnight
3. US residents only.
4.Leave your email address in the comment section of this post and please check back on August 15th
when I will annouce the winner

Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbran is from  Collegeville,Pennsylvani the graduate of the John Hopkins University and  University o fIowa writer's Workshop teaching/writing  fellow.  Her short fiction has appeared in Seventeen,The Masssachusetts Review, and the  Colorado Review.  Like most mothers of 3 the majority of time is dominated the kids' activites,playdates and doctor's appointments and at one point in time headed non profit organizations  for Nantuckey, Mass, where she and her husband and kids have lived for 13 years.  Neeedless to say  doesn't leave much time for writing.  In spite of that she has written the following:

    Silver Girl(2011)The Island(2010)The Castaways(2009)A Summer Affoir(2008)Barefoot(2008)The Love Season(2007)The Blue Bistro(2006)Summer People(2004)Nantucket Nights(2002)The Beach Club(2000)  About this book, Meredith Delinn has to hide out for the summer in Nantucket because her top notch husband alot of investors out of their life savings some of them angr…

The Mistress's Revenge by Tamar Cohen

According to Msnbc's survey 1 in 5 adults have cheated on the person they are currently with.
Atleast 28% of the married men and 18% of married women(The survey was taken by 70,000 adult online).Author M.Gary Neuman,author of "The Truth About Cheating:Why Men stray and What You Can Do About It", comprised a 2 year study that followed  a 100 faithful men and 100 unfaithful men the results may surprise you : only 8% of the cheating men said that sexual dissatisfaction was the reason and 48% said it was emotional  disconnect..   So what if the other woman after being dumped would not go away quietly
what if she was determined to bring the affair to light no  matter  how much she stood to lose in the process?  Enter Sally Islip the former mistress of clive Gooding a well known philandering music producer , who has just ended their 5 year  affair without much of an explanation to Sally.   Even though she is in a long term relationship with someone else and has two kids from t…

Haiku with a photo

I got this image from here
I use to follow a blog that did phots and haikus but I believe they stopped and just when you think I found
another one this blogger is taking a break! If there is anyone out there who knows a blogger doing both
poetry and photos I would be interested.

The Freshman Survival Guide(Book Review)

0it doesn't have to` If this is your first year of college there is no need to fear The Freshman Survival Guide is here.
No longer do you have to  navigate rocky terrain  each and every chapter has a survival strategy for example
Chapter 1 Survival Strategy #1 Making good friends in college is important but it takes time. Be patient, be smart, and stay connected to your support network- the friends and family who helped you get this far.

Chapter 4  Survival Strategy # 4 Homesickness is a fact of college life ,but it doesn't have to defeat you.  Develop habits and relationships that will help  ward off your longing for homr.  Also through each chapter are real life stories  of actual college students themselves as wellas tips you can find online.  Here's a few other
Cchapters I thought were helpful:

Chapter 8 Real stats and strategies on mental health
Chapter 11 How to be a college student and Time management
Chapter 13 The care and feeding of the college professor
Chapter …

Contest Giveaway: 2 copies of Home and Away

I am giving away 2 copies for
1. The followers of this blog.
2. US and Canada residents only
3.Please leave an up to date email address in the comment section of this post.Deadline to enter will be
June 28,2011 @midnight.The winners will have 48 hours to respond so please check back her next Wed to see if you won.

Book Review Home and Away by David and Nancy French

David French graduated from David Lipscomb University and from Harvard Law School with
honors.  This native Kentuckian became the lead attorney in the federal court case against the unconstitutional
speech code at Shippenburg University(with the Foundation For Individual Rights in education and won so why give all this up  to fight in Iraq? How does the spouse left behind deal with the ups and downs of suddenly having to raise the kids alone?  Was the year long deploement worth it  to them?  The aspect of this memoir I enjoyed the most was the fact that it was written from both sides of the coin.  So many times we may only get to see army wives on tv. or only from the soldiers point of view. If you have ever been curious as to what it's like then I highly recommend this book. I gave it 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5. I would also like to thank Center Street for the opportunity to review this book.

A Lonilness by Haki R Madhubuti(aka Don Lee)

looking thru the commerical
glass of the holidays or
howard j's
(I failed to make a distiction)
after a long day at  luther college
the one in iowa
listening  to the impressive.
trying to impress

I stood there
watching myself   feel
my own eyes checking
my dark reflection against
the day sounds.
standing there listening
as the raindrops dropped
over the dead leaves that
rested on greenless grass
as the tree's shadow
played dodge with the
slow wind
at night the distant
street light is the brightest sun
and I go to bed feeling
a part of it.

I wore the ocean in the shape of a girl by Kelle Groom

Kelle Groom is the author of 3 poetry collections in addition to this memoir.  Five Kingdoms released in 2010,Luckily (2006) and Underwater City 2004. but before reaching  sucess in the literary world she
had alot of personal demons to fight and conquer first.   In the memoir we go back to 1982 when the author
is a  a pregnant teenager living with her parents.  She is unable to raise the child in spite of the support she
received from her mother who was a teacher at the time and her father who was in the military.  So she will make  what will turn out to be a one of the most difficult decisions in her life by giving her son, Tommy up for adoption to her aunt and uncle.  Fourteen months later she loses him again to  cancer. It's here that we witness
the not so slow  fall into alcoholism as her means of coping with the loss.Even though the author did foreshadow her recovery I have never wanted to see someone recover so badly!  The benefit to reading a memoir  written by a poet is th…

Swerve by Kelle Groom

I think of the man who sat
behind my grandmother's sister
in church and told her
the percentage of  Indian
in her blood calling it out
over the white pews.
I wonder what made
him want to count it
like coins or a grade.
I wish I could hear him
Now when I think her saying
that all of her  Wampanoag blood
in her body would fit in one finger,
 discounting the percentage it seemed, but why was she
such a historian, tracing the genealogy of the llast
Wampanoag  up to her own
children typing it all
on see through paper?
Maybe like me
she felt self conscious
caring about what we're made simpley being satisfied dressing our bodies
and driving them around.
Maybe she felt shy for loving someone
she'd never met, I mean
I do. I think of the knife
cutting into the flesh
and the fork carrying it
to your mouth
I always think of that, the sythe-like movement
single motion, a swerve.
I think of my relative,
the last Wampanoag in the town
walking the streets
with a dollar the town gave him.

Book Review: Art and Madness by Anne Roiphe

Anne Roiphe is the National Book Award Finalist for Fruitful a Memoir.Her first book Digging Out(Memoir)  came out 3 years after her  rock marriage to Jack Richardson ended in 1963.Before writing 18 more books she was still living vicarously through other writers  such as Doc Humes, George Plimpton, and William  Styron.  This memoir Art and Madness covers those years where women were not
supposed to want anything beyond a home and family.  In the 1950's a career was not something you aspired to.
An respectable girl didn't aspire to a career.Anyone who has ever feel in love with pen and paper knows it's
an insatiable and unexplainable need.  I am not  rationalizing the affairs with the married writers but I do understand the need.Two things that struck me as odd one that girls were allowed to knit socks for their boyfriends in their college classes and two that so many wanted to knit socks for their boyfriends/fiancees.  They couldn't just go buy the  socks from the s…

Clenched soul by Pablo Neuruda

We have lost even this twilight Noone saw us this evening hand in hand while the blue  night dropped on the world I have seen from my window the fiesta of sunset in  the distant mountain tops Sometimes a  piece of sun burned like a coin in my hand
I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know
Where were you then? Who else was there?  Saying what?  Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly When I am sad and feel you are far away? The book fell that always closed at twilight and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at my feet.
Always , always you recede through the evenings toward the twilight erasing statues

Book Review:Working It out By Abby Rike

Abby Rike lost her husband Rick, 5 year old Macy and their infant son Caleb in a terrible car accident.How does one find the will to go on?  How do you go forward in life when you feel like your reason to live has been so cruelly and so quickly snatched away?  I must confess early on that I am  not a fan of "The Biggest Loser" tv show.  Something about losing weight as a competitive sport just doesn't appeal to me at all.  So
I had no idea of  who Abby Rike was or her story.  You don't have to be a fan of the show ti admire the strength, determination and courage it took to begin to overcome a horrific loss.  I was deeply moved by the author's simple and yet profound way she shared her story.  I would encourage anyone who is grieving the loss of someone they loved or if you are just wondering to yourself"Can God use Me? then this is the story for you. I personally believe that God can use anyone.     Sometimes it's because of someone's unfortunate sit…

Poem :So Many Feathers by Jayne Cortez

Jayne cortez

You danced a magnetic dance
in your rhinestone and satin banana g-string
It was you who cut the river
with your pink diamond tongue
did the limbo on your back
straight from the history of southern flames
onto the stage where your body
covered in metallic flint
under black and green feathers strutted
wings of a vulture  paradise on your head
strutted among the birds
until you became terror woman of all feathers
of such terrible beauty
of such fire

such flames
all feathers Josephine
This Josephine
exploding red marble eyes in new york
this  Josephine
breaking color bars in miami
this Joshephine
mother of orphans
legion of honor
rosette of resistance
this Josephine before
splitting the solidarity of beautiful feathers

Feather-woman of terror
such feathers so beautiful
with your frosted mouth half-open
why spilt your flamingos
with the death white boers in durban south africa
Woman with magnificent face of Ife mask

Congradulations SidneYou won

I apologize for taking so long to get to this I hurt my back at the gym well anyway
email me at

Crazy-for-books Book Hop

Hello it's that time of the week were we link up with other book bloggers.  The question for the week is
What book blogger would you like to meet in real life?  I would love to meet the ladies over at the blue bookcase They host the Literary Hop every other week.  So you may want to stop by there next week to check it out. I love all the blogs I have discovered at those hops and I imagine they would have alot of interesting conversations, or atleast I think they would.

New contest!"Twice A spy" by Keith Thomson

Hello my favorite fellow book addicts I have a new contest  I am giving away 2 copies  of this book
the rules are as follows.
1.  You must be a follower
2. U. S residents only (sorry Canada nothing personal this is a different publisher)
3. Leave your email in the comment section of this and click the like button in the sidebar.
Deadline May 10th
Poco Kat you won a copy of Working it Out please email your address to clsherrard(dot)bookaddict(at)gmail(dot) com