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Friday Link Ups:Book Blog News,Crazy-for-Books,The Literary hop, and Chrissie's Radiant Reviews

Good morning fellow book lovers!Don't forget to post links to your Book blog, giveaways,memes, the
post below this one.(Book Blog News)

The Question over at is "What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere
did you not enjoy and how did  you feel about posting your  review?
I couldn't think of any books at first then "Alibi" by Terri Woods I was sorely disappointed that the author
was relying on violence and sex to sell the book.   The main character is a stripper who helps give an alibi to
a thug who murdered someone, which was a great premise but we spent more  time on her antics as a stripper than the actual storyline.  I felt a little  hesitant at first to post my review because this author has sold
alot of these types of books and I was still in that"I -dont-want-to-offend anyone-stage"  Then I thought  about how I would hate it if someone actual bought that book and I was not completely honest so I went ahead …

Book Blog news:Post links to your Book blog,book reviews,giveaways,memes,etc..

Good afternoon fellow addicts I apologize for being late I am  running errands and this. So welcome and I would
like to thank everybody that took time out of their busy week to link up here I do appreciate it.
I only ask for a few things:

1.Grab my button in the sidebar.

2.  A worded link in your post is ok (I know how crowded things get )

3.I have a lot of space for you guys to tell us what's going on at your blog so please feel free to put
genres you review, your latest book review, book challenge you may do next year anything book related as
long as it's family friendly I am open(just don't post more than once because I will be forced to delete it)
Have fun

And the winner is Sapphire Reads and Debbie(running the Books) and New Contest

Congradulations Debbie and Sapphire please email me your address to I am giving away 2 copies of this book the following rules apply:

1 .You must be a follower of the  blog to win a copy.

2. U.S residents only.

3.  Leave a good email address in  the comment section of this post so I can reach you faster.
Don't forget you only have 48 hours to respond( or I pick someone else from this comment section)
Thanks for playing!

How sweet Thanks Carolina(Writin block)

Thanks Carolina fromWrite with me was so kind to give me this award make sure you check her blog out. Even thought I've won this before it still feels good to get it .  I believe I am suppose to mention 7 things about  myself and give this to 15 people.   I will try to give this award to 15 people I haven't given this ,too.   Since I want time to think about who that should be I will come back and add their links to this post .(So don't be surprised if the list has grown).  I am a pretty transparent  person (On my other blog ) so it shouldn't be hard to think of   7 things you don't know about me.  For example:
1.  I use to love watching Speed Racer as a kid.
2.I have learned to cook Asian food because I think the Chinese buffets by my house are terrible!
3.One of my favorite books as a kid was Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass it's the only book I've read more than once.
4.I am happily  addicted to coffee.
5.  A Good day for me involves reading, a…

First Ever Guest Post:Richard Sanders Author of "The Seventh Compass of Death"

How I kicked Drugs by writing by Ricard Sanders

    People who know me know my consumption of chemicals was pretty robust at one time.
Shooting crystal meth(1 1/2 years),dropping acid(200+times),smoking pot(daily,for years),
drinking alcohol(daily, for many ,many years)I had a nice mind-mess going ,and despite a little time in jail for the
sale of some of the above named substances,I had no intention of stopping.

    At one point during these early  years I decided I wanted to direct movies and videos, so I went to NYU
Film School. One of the mandatory courses  was Screenwriting 101.  I begged to get out of it-I had no talent
for telling stories-but mandatory is mandatory.  If you write, especially if you write fiction, you probably know
what happened the first time I tried to create something.  Even if you just read fiction, you know what I experienced
a kind of mesmerizing dream state, a kind of alchemical, mind-melting trance.  The blogger Laurel Marchfield
has a good post on writi…