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Crazy-For-books and Book blog news

Good morning fellow addicts I am still recovering from all that ham, Key lime pie etc...
If you are looking to post a link to your book blog, reviews,memes,giveaways, challenges then check out the post below this one(Book blog news) it's your opportunity tell us what's going on at your blog.

The question over at Crazy for books hop is what is your favorite book cover I was visiting other blogs to see if there was something I liked since I haven't had my morning coffee it's taking me alot longer  to make a decision so I'll just put atleast 3 of my favorites
I have "Shangai Girls" I haven't got a chance to read it yet I am trying to catch up some reviews but the other two may be apart of the Outdo yourself challenge , of course I haven't decided yet.

Book Blog news:Post links to your Book blog,book reviews,giveaways,memes,etc..

Good morning  and happy holidays my fellow book addicts if you are looking to post links back to your blog,book reviews, giveaaways, memes, challenges etc... you are at the right place.  A few things

1. Grab my button in the side bar or this post.

2,  A worded link in your post is fine ( i.e.

3 .  As long as it's family  friendly  and book related you may post ( and you may include the types of books you review for example www.bookaddict4real(Adult lit, Christian and mysteries)

Contest Giveaway 2 copies of "Running the Books" by Avi Steinberg

I did not forget I just got through putting my stuffing in the crock pot .

without further babbling.

1.You must be a follower of this blog to win a copy.

2.U. S residents only.

3.Please leave  an email in  the comment section of this post so I can speed up the process also let me know how you found out about the contest(I. e Book blogs ning, good reads, crazy- for -books etc....)

This book is also linked to

For Postal Thursdays I did get "Running the Books " in the book to be reviewed  this fits under the literary nonfiction we talked about last week at the Literary Hop( which I will be taking part in next week )