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Velocity by Alan Jacobson

For those of you that are n't familiar with Alan Jacobson, this is a Karen Vail  novel so this is a part of a series.  The first thing that came to mind was Maggie O'Dell character(Alex Kava's character from Damaged),but trust me when I tell you the only similarity is that they are both female and work for the FBI!  Karen Vail's character is definitely tougher  with more "grit" if you will.Her boyfriend Robby Hernandez has been kindapped.Girfriend must be in love or sprung because  she had no problem going toe to toe with her boss so she could stay on the case.(Dont't worry ladies she quickly realized her bills wouldn't get paid without
a job and allowed herself to be put on another case.)Meanwhile, the Crush Killer a.k.a John Mayfield has
been caught but was shot while in custody by Detective Ray Lugo and had be put in a coma by the doctors.
Detective Lugo was killed by one of the ricochet bullets.His wife ,Merilynn Lugo won't say anything until …

The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris

Could a well respected man, a lawyer with a wife and child literally get up one day and walk away?      tI don't mean a  baby-I-found-someone else type of walking away . Could he have a "disease"
that would force him to walk against his will? Could he have this condition that doctors can't even explain?One that's not a mental issue?  Ok that last question was a bit of a stretch but go with me here.  On the surface of the story it seems plausible first.,but it's the wife's reaction  to the situation ,the willingness to pick him up at all hours of the night,the moments of debating on whether or not to stay or get out while she can,it's all these things that pull you in and convince you that it's really happening.By the time I am thoroughly convinced it is some illness I've never heard of before  the story takes a turn  in the last 1/4 of the book.That
and the indeterminate ending left me etertained but a little unsatisfied.  The writer…

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Totally Postal Thursdays Drown by Junot Diaz

I go this little beauty in the mail just the other day from Amazon.  So now I forgive them for
messing up the order in the first place.    I was going to include this in the Orbus Terrarum Challenge  but it's probably too late, so I may roll it over to a TBR Challenge in 2011.It's killing me not to read it.... well I did
read a few pages and I had to really stop myself because I still go some books to review but yeah me I finally got it!  I will post the Contest on Wed 11/24/10 and the deadline won't be until Nov 30th since people ,like
me will be overeating next week ,I decided to allow for extra time.