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crazy-for-books hop and my new favorite author Jamie Ford

It's that time of the week againGood morning to everybody from the hop
Lori(Jennifer's friend)helped her come up with a great question
Who is your new to you favorite author?  Mine is Jamie Ford    the book addicts on Good reads
had picked this one a couple of months.  I just not too long ago got it.   The reason I say he's my new favorite author
is that  he has the gift wehn it comes to using similies  and metaphors in his writing.  I swear I kept checking the front of the book to see if he had  more than one book!  I mean to say He writes like someone
who's been around the block is a gross understatement he is the block!   The story's main character
Henry Lee is faced with life after his wife of many years has died.  What his son Marty doesn't know is that
his father is the staunch Chinese Nationalist he thinks he is.  His best friend from childhook was a Japenese
girl named,Keiko  who was taken taken away to the Japanese internment camps set up in  1942.

Book blog news: post your giveaways,titles of books your reviewing,or general news

I decided to try something a little different this week if
you would like to post your links to your giveaways, book reviews ,memes etcc..
you can post here because I have room enough for you to do so
Post a link back to
Leave comments on someone else's blog
Let them know you found them because of this hop
The  linky list will be up today until August 4th
Scroll down to enter the Giveaway for "Rules of Betrayal" 1 post below

Contest Giveaway 2 copies of Rules of Betrayal byChristopher Reich

I am giving away 2 copies of Rules of  Betrayal by Christopher Reich
Here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower of this blog

2.U.S residents only

3.This rule is  very important
Leave your email address in the comment section of this post
and the trivia question is Do you own a Kindle or do you prefer traditional books?
Besides the fact that I am too broke to own one.  I prefer books .  One of my fondest memories
as a 3rd grader at Sanderson Elementary(now named Cook)  was waiting on the Bookmobile to
come every week.  I had the same anticipation as any child would if it were Christmas Eve and fully
aware of just how many presents under the tree were for them!  (Except my feeling was better because
I had it every week)So I can't see myself trading in that warm ,fuzziness for a ........Kindle.  So tell me what you think?If given a choice which do you prefer

Damaged book review and contest winners

If I could actually get away with just one phrase to describe this book
then I'd say "What a rush!",But of course nobody in their right frame of mind
would read  these reviews if that's all I said!  So let me clarify.  This is part of the Maggie O'Dell series , she's an FBI profiler who is sent to Pensacola,Florida
to track a killer , right before Hurricane Issac will make landfall.( I mean it's
just a category 5.  What's the problem?  As if preparing for a hurricane
wasn't stressful enough)  I love the way the plot plays out.  Usually for this genre the
pace is pretty quick,and as it probably should be depending on your goal as the
writer.  The pace is a little slower which in this case is good because you can pay
closer attention to details that will become crucial later in the story.  I was also pleased
with the character development .They were relatable and actually felt,dare I say it
empathetic to Maggie's characater.( I mean dude come on…