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What I am reading and Welcome!

Good morning fellow addicts   I am glad you stopped by and as usual Jennifer
Has posed a really good question .  I am finishing up Damaged by Alex Kava  I am giving away 2 copies
(Leave your comments in the contest  giveaway post further down) and I am also reading Hotel on the
Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (Boyfriend got a gift I swear)
I just finished "Here's the Deal Dont Touch Me" by Howie Mendell
I am going to brutally honest here .  I had no intention on reading this book at all
I saw Mr. Mendell promoting this book on Good Morning America and I thought
to myself thougt it wasn't for me .  I mean aren't alot of actors,althletes trying
to get us their kinda crappy memoirs?(The only reason I have the book is
because the Amazon seller sent this instead of "Drown" by Junot Diaz.  I wont say
which one because we all make mistakes)   I detest /loathe/hate the idea of
wasting money.  Heck it doesn't even have to…

Contest Giveaway: 2 copies of Damaged by Alex Kava

Deadline is JUly 25th at midnight
here are the rules

1. You must be a follower of this blog

2. U.S residents only

3. leave your email address so I can reach you much faster .What's your favorite crime show
CSi or Law and Order?  I was a huge fan of both but now that Law and Order(not svu or criminal intent)
is going off I have to say Csi

Dont forget to post your giveaways,meme,challenges, book tours etcc in the post below

book blog news hop:post giveaways,challenges,memes,book tours Here

I apologize for taking so long blogger wasnt acting right!
Well you know how we do this

1. you can post whatever you think will be of interest to your readers

2.leave a comment on somone else's blog

3. Post a link back to (I will have my button soon)

I dont like pressuring people to follow blogs I think it's a personal decision one
left entirely up to you.  ( I left alot of space so enjoy!)

Secrets of Newberry Review and Winner of the book!

Essence Bestselling author Victor McGlothin has done it again with "Secrets of Newberry"(the secrets will rock you to your core but that's not until later in the box)
Our story begins in New Orleans in the 1950's on the night that the two main
characters lives will be radically changed.   Ivory "Bones" Arcineaux meets Hampton
Bynote at an illegal gambling house.  Things get hot for our scoundrels until Hampton
meets Magnolia Holiday  she appears to be everything  he is looking for except
he doesn't know it yet.  While she definitely makes a difference in Hampton's liefe will
her love/influence be enough on  the road up ahead?  I Know I am supposed to feel some empathy for Hampton's character I dont ,not because he wasn't   a "tortured soul" (He was and rightfully so ) it's just that I didn't really feel sympathetic until almost
the end.  I did relate to his sister Pearl Lee.  I thought for a male author he did a pretty g…