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Beneath The Lion's Gaze by Maaza Mengiste

Our story takes place in Addis Ababa  ,Ethiopia ,1974 right before the
revolution.  How long must the citizens of Ethiopia wait for a change? Hailu is
a prominent  doctor whose wife has become gravely ill.  His youngest son
Dawit thinks he is a coward for not doing something more concrete to make
change happen.. His older brother,Yonas, thinks that Dawit doesn't really understand
the needs of the country's poorest citizens because the comfortable life he
has led.  Will these two ever see eye to eye?  Will Yonas' marriage to Sara
survive the onslaught of crises that is to come?   Will Hailu's wife Selam survive? I have to say I was very pleased
with author's use of imagery in this book, in my opinon it was her strongest point.
Her style is poetic, with this soft fierceness, meaning that where she needed to be
softer she was soft but where she needed to be more brutal to make a point she
could be that as well. Overall I thought the story was frightfully brillia…

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