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Scandalous Truth by Monica P. Carter (Urban Christian)

Nikki Brousard is a stay at home mom with a degree,she has one child with William Broussard who, has a computer company, but these days he is preoccupied with getting Reverend Chance
elected mayor in Lousiana.  Their marriage  survived Hurricane Katrina and the loss of  their first computer company, but will it survive William not wanting his wife to work outside the home because he doesn't want to look like he can't provide for his family?  Will Nikki's secret destroy everything her husband has worked for? Then there is Danielle Esperanza ,Nikki's needy ,self centered friend from her college days.  While Danielle desperately needs her friend later in the story she still manages to push her away .  Will her faith
overcome her issues?  I thought the author did a pretty good job of showing how sometimes people won't let
you forget the things you did before you got saved.  Also how easy it is to proclaim what you believe in until
a crisis situation happens where you hav…