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Juicy Pens and Thristy Paper by Sark

I mean what writer wouldn't want to get
tips from a writer who has been published
regularly for the past  20 years?   Here is a
partial list of the Table of Contents and a few of the sections in each chapter I thought were very helpful.

Introduction(Please read this part  it's very inspiring to see how Sark started out)
Chapter 1 Being a writer
My Writing Process pg. 30
Ways to Move your tools pg. 35

                                                      Chapter 2 Time+energy to write +create
Writing as a Hilarous Practice pg.65

Chapter 3 Games,stories and ways to get your Juicy Pens moving like crazy
Create your writer's support journal pg 91
Book title game pg97

Chapter 4 Difficulties ,challenges, and ways to transform these
Writer's wheel of supportpg 107
Writer's solution sheet and ways to put the solutions into practice pg.109
Chapter 8 Excellent writing resources just for you
Writing inspiration and instruction pg 176
Writer's websites pg 178
Inspiring Books for Writers pg 181

Again this is  a  portion of the  Table of Contents  there was  other useful things I just couldn't put it all!
I had been personally blocked for months
then I got this book.  I started one micromovement at a time doing poetry and posting some on the internet.
Eventually it led to this blog  and another that I maintain! I was on a writer's forum and there was
some poor blocked soul that was looking for some practical advice
about overcoming writer's block and was quickly told by a few of the members  that writer's block only exists if he thinks it did!
I strongly disagree with that .  I do think there are some warm up activities you can do  to  that will lead to longer writing sessions.  So what is your opinon?  Do we make writing  harder than it has to be?Are there things  we can do to be more productive?


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