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Juicy Pens and Thristy Paper by Sark

I mean what writer wouldn't want to get
tips from a writer who has been published
regularly for the past  20 years?   Here is a
partial list of the Table of Contents and a few of the sections in each chapter I thought were very helpful.

Introduction(Please read this part  it's very inspiring to see how Sark started out) Chapter 1 Being a writer My Writing Process pg. 30 Ways to Move your tools pg. 35

                                                      Chapter 2 Time+energy to write +create Writing as a Hilarous Practice pg.65
Chapter 3 Games,stories and ways to get your Juicy Pens moving like crazy Create your writer's support journal pg 91 Book title game pg97
Chapter 4 Difficulties ,challenges, and ways to transform these Writer's wheel of supportpg 107 Writer's solution sheet and ways to put the solutions into practice pg.109 Chapter 8 Excellent writing resources just for you Writing inspiration and instruction pg 176 Writer's websites pg 178 Inspiring Books for Writers…