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Classic review

What makes a book a classic?  In terms of literature,for me personally, it has to have
a have a good use of imagery, dialogue, and a believable plot.  As for nonfiction or a self help book that offers practical advice,wisdom and insight that is just as useful today as it was then.  I would like to continue in this series with a book called "Woman Hollering Creek and other stories" by Sandra Cisneros. To say this is a provactive collection o short stories is putting it midly.Ms.Cisneros is a craftsman when it comes to using similes( a lost art form if you ask me but I digress!)I find that the characters resonate deeply with me whether of not it was a story told from a child's point of view, or a teenager's , etc.. I could definitely relate.  Any great  piece of literature should make you think about things differently and the story, in this case
stories should linger on your mind the way a good dream does long after you have awakened .  For me this was that book.  I g…