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Nine Dragons by Micheal Connelly

Wow I finally got my hands on this one!This is the Harry Bosch series.  HIs pa rtner Ferras has been shot
in a previous story and is turning into a real desk jockey.So will he be any help on this new case of
a murdered store clerk in South LA?  His daughter Maddie lives with her mother in Hong Kong
she wants to live with her Father. Will Maddie resolve her issues with her mom.  Of course the main
focus will be  on the Hong Kong Triad, a dangerous organzied crime ring.  I like the way the characters are
potrayed mostly I like this writer's style very no nonsense(for this genre it works)  I like the fact that he expais certain forensics and police procedures.  The plot was good I felt  myself being pulled in slowly
at first and just like a fish on a hook before you know I was reeled in pretty quickly toward the end.
I was surprised at the ending but not in that "no they didn't "Kinda way  It tied in with the story and
I didn't feel like I got punked into buying th…