Friday, June 17, 2016

Author spotlight: My literary crush on Junot Diaz

Doesn't hurt that  I find him attractive I tend to find smart guys sexy! Wow when a guy can hold his end of an intellectual conversation your sexiness factor just went up, but I digress.
    Besides, he is more than eye candy to .
I am enthralled/enamoured with a writer who draws from his life experiences.  I feel like I'm eavesdropping on someone's conversation, when I read his work. Love his style.

      My two favorite books by Mr.Diaz "Drown" and "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao' I don't remember being so enthusiastic to read the footnotes but he was so good even that was enjoyable! The novel not only resonated I thought about the characters long after I read the story.
     I think the fact that there is a ten year gap between publishing " Drown" and "The Brief Wondrous..."  Adds to this elusive quality. Kinda like when Sade releases an new CD we're going to break our collective necks trying to buy it because God only knows when the next one will be released, it's like that. So what Writer do you have a literary crush on?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Book to film series: Silver Lining Playbook

Thank goodness Mathew Quick made the decision to leave his teaching job to write full time in 2004 or we wouldn't have Silver Lining Playbook or "Forgive me Leonard Peacock" and "Every Exquisite thing" his latest book "The Reason You Are Alive" will be out in 2017 All of his books have been optioned for film ,which I thought was cool. I will be reviewing other books that have been made into film as a part if a new series here  on the blog. Now to clarify I'm not a film  critic so any points made about the films are my opinion as a regular everyday person's point of view. I decided to start with "Silver Lining Playbook" because:
A) I already saw the movie
B) Most important I read the book after seeing the movie.
In the past, I would read the book first then watch the movie ,and inevitability spend a lot of time comparing the movie to book which ends up being less fun(except for The Hunger Games I liked both the books and movies pretty well) I am aware you can't put every nuance of a book into a 2 hour and really who wants to sit through a 3 hour movie? However I find it a little annoying when there is a key thing,(spoiler alert) where Peter is killed in the movie but not the book. It seemed like a small thing until you go see Insurgent and realize how much has changed because of one key thing .It changed the whole trajectory of the movies. Luckily no problem with that here.
    One thing I noticed was how different the Father was in the book compared to the movie, much more closed off less OCD. Chris Tucker's character ,much to my surprise, didn't show up in the book until almost the very end. This book was less descriptive than most contemporary literature books I like but he did an excellent job of showing what its like for someone struggling with mental illness. I enjoyed it even though I knew how it would end. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars . I give the movie 5 out of 5 stars

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Six Minutes by Kadija Sesay (poem)

That first day
Was the longest,
The day you left.
I spent
Sixhours sleeping
Six hours reading
Six hours eating
Six hours sitting

Six hours writing

Every inclination in me 
To convince the 
Holiday company that
I was too I'll to stay

Away from you.

I wasn't homesick
Just you sick
Which annoyed me.

Until today I didn't believe
That it's not where you are
But who you're with
That makes the difference between
Being content and being happy

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