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Book to film series: Silver Lining Playbook

Thank goodness Mathew Quick made the decision to leave his teaching job to write full time in 2004 or we wouldn't have Silver Lining Playbook or "Forgive me Leonard Peacock" and "Every Exquisite thing" his latest book "The Reason You Are Alive" will be out in 2017 All of his books have been optioned for film ,which I thought was cool. I will be reviewing other books that have been made into film as a part if a new series here  on the blog. Now to clarify I'm not a film  critic so any points made about the films are my opinion as a regular everyday person's point of view. I decided to start with "Silver Lining Playbook" because: A) I already saw the movie B) Most important I read the book after seeing the movie. In the past, I would read the book first then watch the movie ,and inevitability spend a lot of time comparing the movie to book which ends up being less fun(except for The Hunger Games I liked both the books and movies prett…