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Literary Hop@ The Bluebookcase Mar31st-Apr2nd

Good Morning I am trying to get this prompt upas quickly as I can
The question for this week is Do you find yourself predisposed to like or dislike books that are generally accepted as  great books and have been incorporated as literary canon>Discuss the affect you believe book'
"status" has on your opinon?

I tend to be interested in books that seem to make the bestseller's list.  I think  that all those people can't be wrong.  Boy was I wrong.  James Baldwin wrote a book called "Go tell it on the Mountain"
I wasn't to impressed withit .  As an African-American I feel a pressure sometimes not to bash  other
African-american writers especially not ones who are this well know and I do honestly like some of the other books.As I get older ,however, I  don't feel the so-called pressure as much . I don't think being honest about
how you feel about a book is the same thing as a character assasination  of some sort.

Contest Giveaway 2 copies of "Young Mandela:The Revolutionary Years

Good morning fellow addicts here is our next giveaway 2 copies of "Young Mandela:the Revolutionary Years"
I really enjoyed reading this book and I think you will ,too.  Here are the contest rules:

1.  You must be a follower of this blog to win.

2.  U. S. and Canada residents.

3.    Leave a comment in the comment section of this post with your email address so I will be able to reach you faster.  Deadline to enter April 5th @midnight winners will be annouced on Wed.(April 6th)

Annoucement:  I am part of the Free Press book tour which is April 5th so stop back by
for the review of this book.

And the winner is!Eileen and Karen k)

Congradulations Eileen and Karen k! please email me at clsherrard(dot)bookaddict(at)gmail(dot)com with your address .  Thanks for playing.

Early start to National Poetry Month Nikki Giovonni

I know National Poetry Month is in April but I couldn't wait so today I wanted to share this poem by one of my all-time favorite Nikki Giovanni

The December of my Springs

In the december of my of my springs
i long for the days
  i shall somehow have
free from children and dinners
and people i have grown stale with
this time i think i'll face love
with my heart instead of my glands
rather than hands clutching to satiate
my fingers will stroke to satisfy
i think it might be good
to decide rather than to need

that pitter-patter rhythm of rain
sliding on city streests is as satisfying
to me as this quiet has become
and like the raindrop I accede to my nature

perhaps there will be no
difference between the foolishness of age
and the foolishness of youth
some say we are responsible
for those we love
others know we are responsible
for those who love us
so i sit waiting
for a fresh thought
to stir the atmosphere

i'm glad i'm not iron
else i would be burned
by now

Book Review"His Other Wife by Deborah Bedford

Hilary is surviving the aftermath of her divorce from Eric, who seem to wake up one morning
to be with his mistress instead and make  her his new wife.  The main casualty in this quiet war is Seth who,like
most children caught in the middle of  their parent's decisions must learn how to live life without his Dad.Fast forward a few years later Seth is graduating from high school which will force Hilary to come face to face with
ex-husband and his new life.  Will she have the strength to pull through? How will Seth handle the tension that
inevitably comes up?   Something happens that night after graduation the will possible change the course of Seth's life forever.  Will his parents rely on their faith?  

  I found myself sympathetic to Hilary's situation but not necessarily to Hilary the person. The main reason beingI felt like she didn't have enough flaws like most of us have .  She seemed like a martyr.   Now please don't misunderstand me her situation was not som…