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Alibi by Terri Woods

I am very frustrated and disappointed with this novel.  I am frustrated because the premise of this story has alot of potential.
The story takes place in the 198o's when this thug ,called Nard, decides he wants to rob big time
drug dealer Simon Shuller in Philadelphia.  Things go horribly wrong ,as they are prone to do when
you decide to make your money illegally. What is supposed to be a simple robbery morphs into homicide.
enter Daisy Fogglethorp, who is a stripper that is willing to provide the alibi Nard need for the right price.
Even though we begin this story with the robbery , We actually spent way to much time with Daisy's character.   There was absolutely no background  for Nard or the logic behind trying to pull off this robbery
in the first place.  Although we spent an inordinate amount of time on the seedy aspects of Daisy's job.  The
only person that got any background info was Daisy's mother who wasn't even in the story long enough to
justify doing t…