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Crazy-for-books the blogs I follow

It's that time of the week again dont forget to check out my giveaway(She's gone country by Jane Porter)
I have 3 copies to giveaway and deadline is this Sunday
also you can post links to your giveaways in the post below this one
Now back to the question at hand
blogs I follow well in all it's over 30 if you look at my dashboard. but being a parent of 3 kids (2 of which has special needs ) doesn't leave me with alot of time to visit each and everyone
I try to visit the ones in my sidebar because I can get a quick glance as to what's going on with everyone else
It depends since school starts for us Monday It will give me some time to visit more but I prefer to leave a good quality comment on a few blogs then a whole bunch of so-so comments on a lot of blogs.
So which do you prefer ? Quality or quantity?   Do you make time to visit every blog you follow?
I would love to get your feed back on this
and stay tuned  for the winners of the giveaway Monday


Kristin said…
Hopping by via the hop.

I have started visiting a few blogs each day and I find that is helping keep my google reader manageable and it also gets me to actually visit different blogs every day!

Happy Friday!
Always With a Book
bookaddict4real said…
Hi Kristin thanks for stopping by
atleast you get a chance to visit daily . I visit scrapbooking,cooking and art journaling blogs every other day
but i am trying to stay organized
so people will get a good,quality comment.(I have been guilty of the
short little comment because I am
pressed for time)
Jenny said…
Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I prefer quality vs. quantity in followers, I think we all enjoy having meaningful comments from people who enjoyed the post:) That being said, I also think quantity plays a part when speaking with publishers, so it's a little bit of both for me. Hopefully my followers follow due to quality:)
Library Cat said…
Hi, visiting from the HOP. I do try to check the blogs I follow every day, but I don't actually read every post - I try to comment on the ones that I select to read that day and try to catch up on the addition to the BLOG HOP.

I know what you mean about children taking up time - I had four children and I don't think I read five books other than children's books when they were little. The oldest is now 31 and the youngest is 20! So I read a lot now when not at work.

Hope you can hop by for a visit at LibraryCats Books.

Have a great weekend.
Just popping in for the Blogger Hop.

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