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She's gone Country By Jane Porter:Book Review and Contest Winners

Shey Darcy,once the New York it girl,has to give up her life as a model when her
husband,John wants out of thier marriage.  A family tragedy  forces her to come back home to
Parkfield,Texas bring her 3 boys with her.  Overwhelmed  with grief she decides to stay  and rebuild her life.
Will she survive her overbearing mother?  Will she reunite with her first love Dane Kelly? Will her
brother,Blue Callen stay married to his spoiled rich wife who thinks he's not doing enought?  Jane Porter
has a gift when it comes to narration.   She knows just when to reveal certain details at the right time.
the characters where likeable and relatable.(I am from Texas so this may be a biased opinon)  The plot was
a little predictable but I still enjoyed alot.Her writing style overall is a simple ,no frills approach and I will definitely have to check out her previous work.   

Our 3 winners from the contest are:

1. Amy Lyn
2.Shan flip flops
I would like to thank the Hatchett Book Group f…