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crazy-for-books blog hop

It's that time again  .  Thanks for stopping by.   I am getting ready for my preschool son's graduation so I will leave as many comments as I can and have a great weekend

Eat the Cookie buy the shoes by Joyce Meyer

This book promises to:
'..remind us that God wants us to enjoy the lives HE has given us.He wants us to celebrate His mercies, our
victories even for no special reason'

When I read this on the back of the book I thought to myself'Someone needs to be reminded of this?'
I probably take it for granted that if you already read your Bible you will see this for yourself.
Do you really need a whole book about this subject? Now before you label me a 'hater' I have to
tell you the only Christian books I would buy at one time where her book only and she is still a huge inspiration
to me .  But really a whole book?
Here's a partial list of the Table of Contents
Chapter 1  The Cookie

Chapter 3 You are worth a liittle waste

Chapter 5 Celebrate Your Progress

Chapter 6: Celebrate Through Giving

Chapter 10: Learn when to stop

My other concern was is this going to be a call to overindulgence as you can see by Chapter 6 that's not the case.  Joyce Meyer uses her down to …