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Link your book giveaways at busy moms who love to read

I actually won something from here!Real Nice Lady  here's the link

crazy for books blog hop

It's Friday again good morning!  I am posting a link for
It's the blog hop.  Don't forget to scroll down and post your link at the book blog news hop (About 2 posts down) next week I'll have more space so you can let us know what book you are reviewing, meme or challenge you are particpating in or giveaways
My Hop will be from May 13th - May 19th

About this hop

Just a few things you can post a link to your blog about your book review ,meme or challenge or something
that new readers may find of interest I believe I left enough space for you guys to do so
if there is a problem  please contact me at my email address in the profile

1.  Please post a link back to I dont have a cute button ,yet  so
that will have to do for now.
2. Please leave a comment on someone's blog and let them know you found them through the book blog news hop.
3. I believe once people find out what you are doing they will follow you.  Follow the blogs that interest you.
Well Happy Friday .  Leave your link in the post  dated May 12,2010 .  If you look in the BLog Archives
it's the post titled Book Blog News it will run until Wed.5/19/10

Mom liked you best by Jane Isay

I  am going to be honest I think I misunderstood the intention of the book .  I thought this was going to be
a guide for people that wanted to cope with a parent who liked a sibling better.  It's more about sibling rivarly,how they did or didn't get along with their sister or brother.That in and of itself is not a bad thing
I guess it then becomes subjective.  If you derive a lot of pleasure from learning how other people grew up
then you may  enjoy this.  However if you are hoping to come away with something more tangible and concrete, something that doesn't state the obvious.  Then you may not like it, again it goes back to what you
are hoping to get out of reading this.  Here's a partial  list of the Table of Contents

Part I  Beginnings
1. Just so stories
2. The circus tent

Part II Life's Course
5. Gravity shifts
6. When difference leads to distance

Part III Making Choices
8. Trading Places
9. Message in a Bottle

The author's writing style was average overa…

Book blog news

I have decided to do a blog hop version so that you guys
can post a link to whatever book  you are reviewing, meme or challenge you are taking part in.
Of course you need to post a link back to me on your blog.We'll start this Thursday(central standard time )
and I look foward to hearing from you guys!

P.S.(This will probably be the last month I'll run blog news on MOnday)