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One Day In The life of The Life of Ivan Denisovich By Alexander Solzhenitsyn

This Book is the first one I am reading for the Orbis Terrarum challenge.  Basically you read eight different
books from authors who come from eight countries.   I don't think the story itself has to be set in a different
country but the author does. is where this challenge originates so you may want to check out the March and April archives.  Ivan Denisovich Shukov is sentenced to 10 years in the prison
camp that is controlled by the Gulag in  Russia.  Actually he was a P.O.W of the Germans his fellow Russians
encounter them as he was being released .  So they got the false impression that he was spying.  This one day
in his life is in the eighth year of his imprisonment .  The beauty of the author taking one day of his life to tell
this story is that you get to pay attention to the details .  It's in those details you see the cruel and inhumane
way that they live.  The sad part about is the character refers to this day as a "red letter "day ,meaning that
this was actually a great day for him.   I guess it's all about your prespective  what one person would see
as a horrible day ,someone else may not think it's so bad.  The characters were well developed.   The story
starts off slowly but it definitely picks up .The writer has a simple , undiluted , no frills approach to telling this
story . What makes this interesting to me is knowing the author really was sentenced to 10 years in the prison
camp,when the book was released in 1962 Stalin still had those prison camps  in existence and, that the typist of a later manuscript got caught  by the Kgb he hung himself! I was impressed and pleased overall and I am
glad I started my challenge with this book . I gave it 5 out of 5stars

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book blog news hop 5/26/10-6/2/10

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crazy-for-books blog hop

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Book blog news Hop:Post giveaways,memes or things you want readers to know

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Eat the Cookie buy the shoes by Joyce Meyer

This book promises to:
'..remind us that God wants us to enjoy the lives HE has given us.He wants us to celebrate His mercies, our
victories even for no special reason'

When I read this on the back of the book I thought to myself'Someone needs to be reminded of this?'
I probably take it for granted that if you already read your Bible you will see this for yourself.
Do you really need a whole book about this subject? Now before you label me a 'hater' I have to
tell you the only Christian books I would buy at one time where her book only and she is still a huge inspiration
to me .  But really a whole book?
Here's a partial list of the Table of Contents
Chapter 1  The Cookie

Chapter 3 You are worth a liittle waste

Chapter 5 Celebrate Your Progress

Chapter 6: Celebrate Through Giving

Chapter 10: Learn when to stop

My other concern was is this going to be a call to overindulgence as you can see by Chapter 6 that's not the case.  Joyce Meyer uses her down to earthness and humor to encourage us on a path to celebration
while we serve Christ .  Overall I think this book did what it promised to do.  I wish she had included more
of the Bible verses instead of just Chapter and Verse  on some of the stories ,still an uplifting read
I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Ftc disclosure I would like to thank the Hatchett group for giving me the opportunity to review the book
and no I dont  get paid to do so but  I am an Amazon Associate

Monday, May 17, 2010

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Link your book giveaways at busy moms who love to read

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Book blog news hop

Mom liked you best by Jane Isay

Mom Still Likes You Best: The Unfinished Business Between SiblingsI  am going to be honest I think I misunderstood the intention of the book .  I thought this was going to be
a guide for people that wanted to cope with a parent who liked a sibling better.  It's more about sibling rivarly,how they did or didn't get along with their sister or brother.That in and of itself is not a bad thing
I guess it then becomes subjective.  If you derive a lot of pleasure from learning how other people grew up
then you may  enjoy this.  However if you are hoping to come away with something more tangible and concrete, something that doesn't state the obvious.  Then you may not like it, again it goes back to what you
are hoping to get out of reading this.  Here's a partial  list of the Table of Contents

Part I  Beginnings
1. Just so stories
2. The circus tent

Part II Life's Course
5. Gravity shifts
6. When difference leads to distance

Part III Making Choices
8. Trading Places
9. Message in a Bottle

The author's writing style was average overall I gave the book 3 out of 5 stars
I would like to thank Double Day for giving me the opportunity to review this  book and no
I dont receive any compensation (Ftc disclosure)

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Book blog news

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crazy for books blog hop

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foxy by Pam Grier and Andrea Cagan

To say I was excited when I found out that Pam Grier was releasing a book
would be an understatement .  Excitement is just not strong or accurate  enough ,of a word to describe how I felt .  What African-American female did'nt want  to be Foxy Brown back in the day?  Who really wanted to grow up to be a maid .prostitute, or overbearing ,mother?  I was only a kid  when Pam Grier was at the height of her popularity.  So I can only remember that time from a 8 or 9 year old perspective.
I cant speak for all 9 year old African American girls , but this blogger that she
was bad(besides Cleopatra Jones and Wonder Woman).  Besides the obvious
things .like her relationship with Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar, Freddie Prinze,Sr and Richard Prior.  I found her life story intriguing for different reasons outside of her celebrity.  Did
you know that she spent some of her childhood in London?That her high school
choir (from Denver) were on their way to perform in L.A.  when they got caught in the
middle of the 1965 riots?  Or that she spent some time as a backup singer?   I dont
want to giveaway too much of the but  her life story is divided into three acts

                                 Act 1The Early Years 1949-1970

                                 Act Two Fro's and Freaks 1970-1989

                                 Act Three  Finding Balance 1990-the Present

As far as memoirs go I thought this was pretty good I gave it 4 out of 5 stars

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