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The Perfumed Sleeve

This is a mystery written by Laura Joh Rowland
Our story takes place in the 17th century Japan.  One of the shogun's advisor's has been murdered
which does nothing to ease the growing tension between the two factions are prepared to go to battle
to see which side would gain total control of the Tokugawa regime.  Can Sano Ichiro, top investigator
to the  shogun solve this murder before violence breaks out?  Can Hirata, the chief retainer to Sano,
win back Sano's trust after being disloyal in a time of crisis?  Can Reiko,Sano's wife, overcome the
after effects of being kidnapped in time to help with the investigation?
  I won't lie I wasn't sure when I first picked up this book if I was going to be interested in
anything going on in the 17th century.  But trust when I tell you there is plenty of sneaky underhanded things
going on in this book to keep your interest. However,when it comes to the writer's use of imagery
I felt like I was looking at blurred photo…