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classic review

This will be one of many classic review (Usually a book that's 10 years or older will fit this category)
Nathaniel Branden's A Woman's self esteem was one of the 10 or so books on a website that recommended
this book for better self-esteem. Nathaniel Branden is a pioneer in the field of self esteem.He was researching
this subject in the 1960's when noone even consider the importance of feeling good about oneself. Having
said that imagine my surprise when Part one of the book is basically a recap of the Six Pillars of Self Esteem!
Part two covers  Special Issues such as Romantic Love,Fear of Selfishness and Expressing Anger
( I liked this chapter) and Part three Enpowering Straties such as Try Something  Different ,Knowing Your
Boundaries and Building a Career.  This is only a partial list of the table of contents.  I was also surprised
that he quoted himself from another one of his books  as if to say that he didn't need to use any other
opinon outside of his own…