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up to no good book review

im reviewing Carl Weber's new book"Up To No Good" the novel's main character is a minor character
from the book"The First Lady" but this is not a continuation of that story.
James Black is the church deacon who loves sleeping with the women that attend his church
even the married ones. Can he change his ways for the new love in his life? His son Darnell,
promised himself he would never be like his cheating daddy. He is about to marry the love of his life,
Keisha.Of course things go wrong as they often do in any good fiction with plenty of drama.
His sister Jamie has to struggle with her insecurities as she discover these strange texts someone has
been sending her man .  Are all men like her father or will her insecurites damage the relatioship?
One of the things I like about Carl Weber is he wastes no time "getting to the good part".  The pace of
the novel will definitely hold your attention.The other thing I like is the dialouge reminds me of c…