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The Girl Who was Saturday Night by Heathers ONeill

The first 50 pages were a struggle... but it began to get interesting as to why Nicholas hasn't done anything to support his child outside petty thievery. Noscha,  his sister ,is tired of being a former minor celebrity. She can see the truth of who they are. She begins to make changes like going to night school, but not easy undertaking. Their Grandfather who has cared for them all their lives,may have dementia, and Nicholas  may not support any real would mean he would have to change.  Here is an excerpt from the book "There is nothing as frustrating as being consumed with rage over someone and knowing that you aren't even on their mind. You want your enemy to be engaged in a struggle until the death with you. Otherwise you are fighting yourself. I mean we are essentially only in wars against  ourselves,  but we don't like it to be painfully obvious. "  This is in reference to their mother who left them with the grandfather  and has went on to get m…