Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Life I led by Nikki Giovanni (poem)

i know my upper arms will grow
flabby it's true
of all the women in my family
i know that the purple views
like dead fish in Seine
will dot my legs one day
and my hands will wither while
my hair turns grayish white I know that
one day my teeth will move when
my lips smile
and a flutter of hair will appear
below my nose I hope
my skin doesn't change to those blotchy

i want my menses to be undifficult
i'd  very much prefer staying firm and slim
to grow old like a vintage wine fermenting
in old wooden vats with style
i'd like to be exquisite  I think

i will look forward to grandchildren
and my flowers  all my knickknacks in their places
and that quiet of the bombs not falling on Cambodia
settling  over my sagging breasts

i hope my shoulder finds a head that needs nestling
and my feet find a footstool after a good soaking
with Epsom salts

i hope I die
by the life I tried
to live

Book review Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copelton

Ama survived the bombing of Nagasaki in 1945.Her husband  Kenzo   has died, leaving her a widow . A widow who drinks to medicate the pain from her past. Until a strange man comes to her door one day ,claiming  to be Hideo  , her grandson who died in the bombings all those years ago. Even though this would be a refuge from the loneliness she is prisoner of caution, making it difficult for her to accept the possibility.  Could this be a refuge from the loneliness.? Could this be a Trick?

Jackie Copelton taught English in Nagasaki and Sapporo. Worked as a journalist  in the UK and the Middle East. She holds a Masters in Literature  in Creative Writing.  Currently  lives in Glasgow  Scotland with her husband.
I loved the way the author described the aftermath of the bombings. It's  set at a time most of us wouldn't be privy to, but you feel the weight of loss and sadness pressing down on you as if,someone placed a wet heavy blanket on your shoulder You can al ost feel the dust. You are horrified by what they discover.
    Also the hatred Ama  has for Takei  ,her former lover ,is palatable. But for about 2/3 thirds of the book you don't know why exactly.  Is she just a jilted ex or the victim of something?  So when you do finally find out it makes sense, , like someone putting in the last piece of that 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. I felt that Ama'so character was justified.  I don't want to give away anymore plot points other than to say definitely read this book. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Girl Who was Saturday Night by Heathers ONeill

The first 50 pages were a struggle... but it began to get interesting as to why Nicholas hasn't done anything to support his child outside petty thievery. Noscha,  his sister ,is tired of being a former minor celebrity. She can see the truth of who they are. She begins to make changes like going to night school, but not easy undertaking. Their Grandfather who has cared for them all their lives,may have dementia, and Nicholas  may not support any real would mean he would have to change.  Here is an excerpt from the book "There is nothing as frustrating as being consumed with rage over someone and knowing that you aren't even on their mind. You want your enemy to be engaged in a struggle until the death with you. Otherwise you are fighting yourself. I mean we are essentially only in wars against  ourselves,  but we don't like it to be painfully obvious. "  This is in reference to their mother who left them with the grandfather  and has went on to get married and have kids. There Dad pops in and out . It's  funny how bonds can former in a dysfunctional families.
    Can you transcend a rough start in life? Do you have to saba together yourself in order to maintain these bonds?  I ended up giving this book away but I wished I hadn't  because I like the characters and that it takes place in Canada. I give it 4 out of 5 stars

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