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Showing posts from January 31, 2016

What we 're reading on Goodreads

Of course I can't speak for the entire Goodreads community but here is what we are reading in the groups I am apart of

First Group : Around the World in 80 books
Travels in Mauritania by Peter Hudson
Start Date 1/15/16
End Date 2/15/16
My Lord John: A tale of intrigue, Honor and a Rise of a King
by Goeorge Heyer
Start Date: 1/15/16
End Date: 2/15/16

Upcoming Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali by Kris Holloway
Start Date:2/15/16

The Moor's Account by Laila Lalami
Start Date: 2/15/16

Second Group:The Life of a Bookaddict
Rosemary:The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson
Start Date: 1/1/16
End Date: 3/31/16

Here is a sample of what some of us are reading on Goodreads if you are also from Goodreads and want to share what you are reading or whatever book you are currently reading leave a comment in the comment section