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Book review Yellow Birds by Kevin Power

Let me star this book review by saying contemporary  literature is more of  the kind of books I love to
read. I have nothing against mysteries, sci- fi , historiacal fiction, or suspense , but I tend to hold all genres to the same criteria and that may not be fair.  So from this point forward I will try to hold suspense, action and mysteries to a slightly different criteria . One where plot is more important.  That said to say this book was good would be a gynormous understatement!

    One of the reasons I enjoyed this book is the masterful use of description.  It takes skill and a special kind of artistry  to make me feel hot, sticky and tired in the middle of winter when I was reading this book.  I could feel the ache, despair, and hopelessness the characters felt protection having to protect a community that wasnn't exactly enthused about them being there. You also got a chance to reexperience the diffculty of readjusting to civilain life.  I love how the author use  what wou…