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Carly's Voice; Breaking Through Autism Arthur Fleischmann, and Carly Fleischmann

I would like to kick of my parenting series on this book I hope you like it!

Carly’s Voice: Breaking through Autism

The American Psychiatric association defines Autism as the following:

“Autism Spectrum Disorders* are a range of
complex developmental disorders that can cause
problems with thinking, feeling, language, and the
ability to relate to others. They are neurological
disorders, which means they affect the functioning
of the brain. How autism disorders affect a person
and the severity of symptoms are different in each
The American Academy of Pediatrics states that 1 in 166 children have autism.

There has to be an impairment in the following categories in order for a child to be diagnosed with Autism:
·Repititive/Stereotypic behaviors

The early years :Early Childhood and Elementary Years
Our story begins with a vignette. A day in the life of Carly.We see immediately the heartache and pain of having to raise a special needs child without all t…