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Book Review First Force Series by Cindy McDonald

Jack Haliday is on the brink of losing everything:peace of mind and

the secure life he has worked hard for,safety for his wife and

child. 5 years ago Jack went undercover to infiltrate the street

gang know as the Nomands.Even though Gunner has managed to escape

arrest he lives in the shadows waiting for the day to seek out


     Let me start by saying I know how diffcult it is to create a

story that readers would be interested in.It takes courage to create

fictious world and hope someone can relate to the story and the

characters in them. Writers work with dilegence to "breathe life

into" these characters.  I did like that the author kept the action

going. However I did have a few problems with the story and I'dlike

this one by one.

     Problem #1:Lack of connection

The main characters felt like stereotypes:The long suffering wife,

the cute adorable curly haired child, and the ultra male cop who

can't show emotion bey…