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Poem No.10 by Sonia Sanchez

You keep saying you were there
Waiting for me to see you.
             You said that once
On the wings of  a pale green butterfly
You rode across san francisco's hills
And touched my hair as i caressed
A child militancy
You keep saying you were always there
Holding my small hand
                           As i walked
Unbending indiana streets i could not see around
And you grew a black mountain
Of curves ane i turned
And became soft again
You keep saying you were always there
Repeating my name softly
                        As i slept in
Slow pittsburgh blues and you made me
Sweat nite dreams that danced
And danced  until the morning
Rained yo/ red delirium
You keep saying you were always there
You keep saying you were always there
Will yoy stay love
Now that i am here

Book review :How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit:True Stories of Expat Women edited by Shannon Young

According to there are 71, 493 Americans living in mainland China today.  The first
rule of thumb for expats do not drive.  Car accidents are the leading cause of death for people ages
15-39.  In a country where taking a cab is preferable why do so many want to live here.Why are so many willing to leave everything that they know and love to relocate here.

    By reading How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit: True Stories of Expat Women In Asia
I began to catch glimpsesas to the why. What is an expat(expatriate)? By definition it means to withdraw oneself from residence in or allegiance to one's native country.  Here in our story we find an unusual Kalediscope of women  living  in Asia for reasons as diverse as the women themselves.

     Some were seeking adventure, for another identity -a sense of belonging ,and quite a few found
love.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  Each author brought their unique ,passionate, and colorful style to their stories.  I really …

Real Murder:A Lovers in Crime Mystery by Lauren Carr

On occasion I like to take a break from contemporary and world lit to something relaxing and etertaining this book certainly fit the bill for me.  I hadn't read a good mystery in awhile ,and I was a little surprised at how much I missed this genre until I read this book.

    I was very impressed with the plot and the subplot, how both murders, the one from the past and the current tied into each other seamlessly. I liked the Cameron Gates character. Very fiesty, workaholic,determined etc.. She was going to get her suspect even if it meant jumping out of a second floor to do it.(Dont worry the perp broke her fall).  I love it when characters have quirks and flaws that make them relatable. Have I caught crook and locked him up in jail?
Of course not. Have I had to struggle to understand the people in my life or just pray we can get along better? Definitely.Joshua and Cameron are newlyweds trying to pick up the pieces after both being widows for so long.  Cameron doesn't have kids,…


Autumn carries more gold its pocket than any other season
Jim Bishop
Book Review First Force Series by Cindy McDonald

Jack Haliday is on the brink of losing everything:peace of mind and

the secure life he has worked hard for,safety for his wife and

child. 5 years ago Jack went undercover to infiltrate the street

gang know as the Nomands.Even though Gunner has managed to escape

arrest he lives in the shadows waiting for the day to seek out


     Let me start by saying I know how diffcult it is to create a

story that readers would be interested in.It takes courage to create

fictious world and hope someone can relate to the story and the

characters in them. Writers work with dilegence to "breathe life

into" these characters.  I did like that the author kept the action

going. However I did have a few problems with the story and I'dlike

this one by one.

     Problem #1:Lack of connection

The main characters felt like stereotypes:The long suffering wife,

the cute adorable curly haired child, and the ultra male cop who

can't show emotion bey…