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Book review:Habit of a Foreign Sky by Xu Xi

Gail Szeto is the epitome of  an overworked Chinese executive.  As a global investment banker her job demands constant travel and long relentless hours.Already divorced and just when it seemed she was coming out of the grey veil of despair  that blanketed her sterile , bland existence after the death of her only son Gu
Kwan.  . Then the coup final her mother dies suddenly leaving her with that over indulged half brother Gordie
whom she has only tolerated up until this point.  The title of this book  was taken from a line of an Emily Dickinson poem but even if it wasn't it would still fit perfectly.  Reading this book was like watching an ice skater do a triple jump, I am always impressed and totally awed by their effortless skill and expertise.  Ironically I found myself sympathetic to the Gordie's character because he really tried  almost feverently to keep his relationship going with Gail in spite of her being the product of an affair and her sometimes horrible attitude.  No…