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Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

This is another novel I read for my Outdo Yourself Challenge plus I have to include novels
I feel are in the literary category.     Not to knock anyone else if they like escapist type literature or commerically
successful.  I love books with imagery I guess it's the poet in me.

About the Author:Dr Verghese is the Professor of Theory &Practice of Medicine at Standford University school of Medicine, in addition to being Senior  Associate Chair of the Dept. Of Internal Medicne.  He was born to Indian parents(in 1955) who migrated from India  to a town near  Addis Ababa, Ethopia.
There was alot of political turmoil  in 1973 forcing him and his parents to go to the United States interuppting
his medical studies, he was able to return to Madras Medical College and complete them there.

     He came back to the U S to become an orderly at Boston Medical,in 1980. Here he was to come face to face with HIv epidemic. and later the muse for his forst book.  My own country: A doctor's …

Poem: In Texas Grass by Quincy Troupe

All along the rail
                                road tracks of texas
                               old train cars lay
                               rusted &overturned
                              like new african governments
                             long forgotten by the people
                              who built & rode them
                                till they couldn't run no more,
                              they remind me of old race horses
                             who've been put out to pasture
                            amongst the weeds
                            rain sleet &snow
                            till they die,rot away
                            like photos fading
                           in grandma's picture book,
                         of old black men in mississippi/texas
                         who sit on dilapidated porches,
                        that fall away
                       like dead man'…