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Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbran is from  Collegeville,Pennsylvani the graduate of the John Hopkins University and  University o fIowa writer's Workshop teaching/writing  fellow.  Her short fiction has appeared in Seventeen,The Masssachusetts Review, and the  Colorado Review.  Like most mothers of 3 the majority of time is dominated the kids' activites,playdates and doctor's appointments and at one point in time headed non profit organizations  for Nantuckey, Mass, where she and her husband and kids have lived for 13 years.  Neeedless to say  doesn't leave much time for writing.  In spite of that she has written the following:

    Silver Girl(2011)The Island(2010)The Castaways(2009)A Summer Affoir(2008)Barefoot(2008)The Love Season(2007)The Blue Bistro(2006)Summer People(2004)Nantucket Nights(2002)The Beach Club(2000)  About this book, Meredith Delinn has to hide out for the summer in Nantucket because her top notch husband alot of investors out of their life savings some of them angr…