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Book Review:Working It out By Abby Rike

Abby Rike lost her husband Rick, 5 year old Macy and their infant son Caleb in a terrible car accident.How does one find the will to go on?  How do you go forward in life when you feel like your reason to live has been so cruelly and so quickly snatched away?  I must confess early on that I am  not a fan of "The Biggest Loser" tv show.  Something about losing weight as a competitive sport just doesn't appeal to me at all.  So
I had no idea of  who Abby Rike was or her story.  You don't have to be a fan of the show ti admire the strength, determination and courage it took to begin to overcome a horrific loss.  I was deeply moved by the author's simple and yet profound way she shared her story.  I would encourage anyone who is grieving the loss of someone they loved or if you are just wondering to yourself"Can God use Me? then this is the story for you. I personally believe that God can use anyone.     Sometimes it's because of someone's unfortunate sit…

Poem :So Many Feathers by Jayne Cortez

Jayne cortez

You danced a magnetic dance
in your rhinestone and satin banana g-string
It was you who cut the river
with your pink diamond tongue
did the limbo on your back
straight from the history of southern flames
onto the stage where your body
covered in metallic flint
under black and green feathers strutted
wings of a vulture  paradise on your head
strutted among the birds
until you became terror woman of all feathers
of such terrible beauty
of such fire

such flames
all feathers Josephine
This Josephine
exploding red marble eyes in new york
this  Josephine
breaking color bars in miami
this Joshephine
mother of orphans
legion of honor
rosette of resistance
this Josephine before
splitting the solidarity of beautiful feathers

Feather-woman of terror
such feathers so beautiful
with your frosted mouth half-open
why spilt your flamingos
with the death white boers in durban south africa
Woman with magnificent face of Ife mask