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Swift as Desire

Ok so I am not totally immune to all the Valentine candy and red velvet cupcakes I have been seeing on the web! So in honor of Valentine's Day I am reviewing "Swift as Desire" by Laura Esquivel (The author of Like
Water for Chocolate)Although this is a work of fiction it's also a loving tribute to her late father.
The character Jubulio, a Mexican telephone operator in the late 20's ,early 30's has a gift that noone else has
he can behind people's intentions,mostly he uses that gift to bring people together.  Can he use it to keep him and his wife Lucha together.   See Lucha comes from a well to do family and is having a hard time adjusing
to life with the comfort that wealth brings .  Will don Pedro get his revenge on Jubulio ,who got the better of
him in a poker game? The thing I enjoyed the most about this book was the use of imagery.  The author, has
a very down to earth yet very sensual way of describing things . The dialouge seem to just flow.  The…