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You Go Girl series

Over the weekend I was watching CW39 ,here in Houston,  that Wonder Woman was the highest grossing superhero origin story,more women are running for political office than ever before,and #Metoo sparked a lot of conversations about sexual harrassment . What does this have to do with the Mindy Kaling book?

    I thought this book would be a great beginning to my You Go Girl series.The You Go Girl Series is basically  a chance to highlight the female authors, who demonstrate courage,talent,strength, and /or determination. These are not the in depth book reviews I try to do, just something that celebrates being a woman in a positive way. I'm not anti-male, or a feminist per se. I just want to focus on writing by female writers who I think are great☺.
That said I've always liked Mindy Kaling when she was on the Office.Imagine my surprise when I found out she wrote some of the episodes. I watched every episode of The Mindy  Kaling show before it went to Hulu ,and I am glad I final…