Monday, December 18, 2017

You Go Girl series

Over the weekend I was watching CW39 ,here in Houston,  that Wonder Woman was the highest grossing superhero origin story,more women are running for political office than ever before,and #Metoo sparked a lot of conversations about sexual harrassment . What does this have to do with the Mindy Kaling book?

    I thought this book would be a great beginning to my You Go Girl series.The You Go Girl Series is basically  a chance to highlight the female authors, who demonstrate courage,talent,strength, and /or determination. These are not the in depth book reviews I try to do, just something that celebrates being a woman in a positive way. I'm not anti-male, or a feminist per se. I just want to focus on writing by female writers who I think are great☺.
That said I've always liked Mindy Kaling when she was on the Office.Imagine my surprise when I found out she wrote some of the episodes. I watched every episode of The Mindy  Kaling show before it went to Hulu ,and I am glad I finally got around to reading this book. It is laugh out loud funny. They are essays about different experiences in her life, not in that traditional autobiography format.
This will be on ongoing series,that may even include fictional female characters who are courageous, talented ,strong and/or determined. I am still figuring that part out.

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