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Purple Hibsicus by Chimanda Adichie Book Review

Kambali's Father has shunned his traditional Nigerian ways , in order to become a devout Catholic.  So much so that he never visits his Father who has held   on to his beliefs and his family  is secluded  from the outside world.    Only Kambili and her brother know the strife that exists behind the luxurious mansion that are imprisoned in .     Her well educated Aunt takes them in when Nigeria falls under a coup. It's the beginning of the end Kambili and her brother experience life outside of their suffocating atmosphere at home.  Will they live life on their own terms? If so at what cost?     I am a huge fan of Chimamanda Adichie she just won the Best of the Best (decade) Bailey's Women's Prize in Fiction for Half of the Yellow Sun which is my favorite by her as well.  I love how her writing has progressed she has become a master of description and no matter the story I relate to her characters struggles. I thought it was a good first effort and give it 4 out of 5 stars