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Sandra Cisnernos "Caramelo: A Novel"

Lala has to go to Mexico with her 6 brothers ,mother and father to visit THE AWFUL  GRANDMOTHER

.The fact that they will be going to Alcapolco doesn't seem to cheer them up as much as it should so you know it's going to be a rough time . I mean who doesn't like some sun and turf.  Unfortunately the cantankerous relationship between Lala's mother and grandmother come to a head as the grandmother
reveals a very explosive secret.

My overall impression:I felt like this novel had an homespun,organic feel to it. Very true to form alot
like " The House On Mango Street" without being a shoddy duplicate.I love how she interlaced Spanish and English. I was very impressed with her ability to bring the plot back to previous point in time without messing the flow. It was like watching a skilled juggler , she makes it seem so effortless.

Writer's style:   If I had to pick the one quality that explains why she is one of my favorite authors, I would have to say authenti…